Discovery Gateway with Cooper

Cooper is one of our sweet little heart friends. I fell in love with his mom when I first met her at the heart mom dinner earlier this year and we have been getting together on play dates occasionally.

I am bound and determined for Coop and Tanner to be best friends. It would be so cool since they are both heart kids and will understand each other. And it is pretty awesome if they ever go swimming together they will have the same scar!

We all went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum one day. Aubrie (Coopers' mom) has a membership and had told me that Cooper loves it so Tanner probably would too.

We had such a blast! 

On the upper floor out on the balcony area they have a real Life Flight helicopter. Cooper and Tanner were able to climb around in it and sit in the pilot's seat.
That was one memory we never would have wanted, but it was so sweet to see our two little heart heroes playing around in it.
Neither Cooper or Tanner were actually flown in a helicopter. Both of them were transported by Life Flight though. They were both transported by ambulance, and Tanner had his private plane ride to LA.
This thing is like a xylophone with wooden pieces. We sat them on top of it and let them whack away at it.
THIS I think was by far their favorite. There was this entire area where there is nothing but all of these balls and all these different things you can do with them. Some you could put in a tube and it would suck it up high above you and go down in twirling tubes.
This one you put the balls in the holes and you can see them go down to the lower level.
We had so much fun!

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