Day with Thomas 2013

Today we went and spent the day with Thomas the Tank Engine!
Every year Thomas comes on tour to Heber where they turn the Heber Creeper into Thomas for the day.
We bought tickets months ago and have been so excited to do this with Tanner.
On our way. He has no idea what he's in for.
Tanner saw Thomas before we even got out of the car and started calling to him "Tah? Tah!"
His favorite part of the day was (of course) playing with the little trains and train tracks. Except when some bully kid kept stealing his trains.
While we were taking pictures in front of Thomas his whistle went off. It terrified Tanner and he insisted on being carried the rest of the time. He hates to be held for too long since he loves to run away from us, so that was new.

Riding the train was so much fun. Tanner loved sticking his head out the window and making faces at us. Seeing the beautiful views slowly go by was very nice and relaxing.
The Thomas tattoo he got.
We met Sir Topham Hat! Of course Tanner didn't want to go near him. He gave him a high five though! I was surprised!
When we got home Tanner had to get out his train tracks and play with his new Thomas engine before bed.
I would call today a success! I can't wait to go next year when Tanner will hopefully be less afraid and more adventurous.

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