IHH 5K 2013

For the past couple months I have been on the committee to help plan this year's Intermountain Healing Hearts 5K. I felt honored to be asked to help, but also felt kind of bad that I wasn't able to help very much. One of our cars was broken down at the time and I didn't have any way to go around to try to get sponsors or get food and water donated for the event.

During the time that we were planning National Superhero Day happened. Because of this a whole flood of heart moms posted pictures of their Heart Heroes on the IHH page on FaceBook. We were inspired and decided we would use these pictures and make posters to put up at the race. Now that was something I could do from the comfort of my own home and didn't have to go anywhere!
We ended up with 122 pictures of our sweet Heart Heroes. Once they were all printed they looked amazing and so cute. Our plan was to put them on skewers and put them along the route of the race.
Tanner's poster
And then it rained.

We were so worried all that work was for nothing and they were just going to be ruined before the race even started. But one of our committee members had the amazing idea of slipping plastic bags over them to protect them from the water. It worked perfectly!
He found his!
The race itself went so well. My cousin George even came to say hi! He had registered to run the race, but then came down with a cold and couldn't. It was so sweet of him to stop by anyway.
My brother Clark and his cute wifie Megan came with their kids Andrew and Isabel as well. They were so cute pushing them in strollers as they ran in the rain.
It was a pretty soggy day, but not too bad. At the very end of the race it started to downpour and we all got pretty soaked. At least it wasn't unbearably hot!

In the end I think it turned out perfectly. Many of the racers said that being able to see the posters of all our sweet kids as they ran was their favorite part of the race. That made me feel so great and was so happy that I was able to get those done and do my part.

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