Fall Carnival

My parents invited us to come to the Fall Carnival that was held at the end of their street. 

It was so much fun! Tanner loved the bouncy house slide. He kept trying to go on it by himself but I had to help him up the ladder so therefore had to go down the slide with him too.

(So sorry that I can't figure out how to rotate the pictures! Plus I'm too lazy to try.)
Waiting in line for the slide. Tanner couldn't understand why we couldn't just got right on.
 Then they had a fire truck with a cherry picker at the end of the ladder. They took pumpkins in the cherry picker and stretched out the ladder as far as it would go and dropped the pumpkins. It was really fun for the kids to watch the pumpkins SPLAT! We also got lots of chunks of pumpkin all over us since we were right at the front.
Tanner wanted to walk with Grandpa Cannon on the way back to their house. It was the cutest thing I had to hang back and take a picture!
Stopping at the fire truck and getting a picture with Grandpa Cannon.

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