Adventures in Potty: Part Deux

Here we go again!

I tried to start the potty training process back in May. That was a no go.

Every now and then I would bring it up and Tanner never seemed to have any interest. Kollin and I agreed that we would wait until he was talking more to be able to communicate with us if he had to go and hopefully understand better.

Well, he's talking more but I still haven't put any thought into it. I figured I would start when he turns 3 or whenever he showed more of an interest on his own. But then then baby is due just 2 months after that! I wasn't sure when this was actually going to happen.

Then just a few days ago I went to the bathroom he followed me. This is nothing new. He always follows me anywhere I go. He was watching me and I asked him if he wanted to potty too. He got a big smile on his face and said "YA!"

So I pulled his pants down, took his diaper off and he sat on the little potty all by himself! About 3 seconds after he sat down it happened! I was so surprised and excited since this hadn't happened in months. He got a treat and by the end of the day it had happened in the potty EIGHT times!

The next couple of days weren't as big of successes. It seemed like we would miss it by just a couple minutes and just weren't getting the timing right for most of the day.

Then today it has all the sudden gotten even better than the first day. He has now started to come to me and say potty instead of me asking him! There have been times today that he will come and tell me potty less than 10 minutes after he went last. I always think he is crying wolf just because he wants a treat (he hasn't quite figured out that he only gets a treat if something actually happens in the potty, and not just sitting on it). Even if he is crying wolf I still go to the potty with him because I would hate to not take him when he really does need to go. It's kind of annoying, but oh well. But the majority of the times today he has done this when I assume he is crying wolf, he actually goes potty! So good thing I don't ignore him.

I haven't put him in undies yet, and I'll probably stick with diapers for a little longer.

I know it will probably still take a long time. I also know that he could probably lose interest again. And I am almost fully expecting that if he does get fully train by the time the baby comes that he may regress once there is a baby in the house.

I am so proud and excited for him right now, I will take whatever I can get and know it will eventually happen.

Keep it up buddy!

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