Pumpkin Carving

This year we had some fun with pumpkin carving. It was the first time we have done pumpkins as a family.

Tanner carving the pumpkins, but didn't have much fun because we wouldn't let HIM do the carving.

Other than that it was good messy fun!
Wanting to help Dad.
I got some great ideas from Pinterest to carve my pumpkin. It was fun!
My CHD mended heart pumpkin and my drilled pumpkin. They both turned out pretty cute!
Tanner's pumpkin on the top, my drilled pumpkin on the bottom.
The CHD mended heart pumpkin.
Kollin carved a pumpkin too. I had a good idea to do an Iron Man mask and drew his own template for it and everything. Then when he carved it he scratched the mask part way too deep. It ended up cracking and drying out way too fast. Oh well! You live you learn! Maybe it'll turn out better next year!

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