Halloween 2013

Halloween was a success!

During the day Tanner and I went to Grandma Stark's work for trick or treating. Everyone there thought he was SO cute and loved our costumes. Everyone kept giving him two pieces of candy that his bucket was almost over flowing by the time we left!
There was one of her co-workers that dressed as Walt Disney and had Minnie and Mickey outside his cubicle. Tanner loved to see Mickey!
Later in the evening we went to Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's for a Halloween dinner and trick or treating with the cousins.
Aunt Bippy the banana and cousin Andrew the pirate.
All the boys ready to get their candy on!
It was so cute to watch Tanner running around with his cousins and right up to doors (and sometimes going right in the house) to trick or treat.
Really bad picture, but I thought this was so darling! That's Tanner and cousin Cole.
Uncle Scott was Master Chief from Halo. It was an awesome costume and his gun actually did the same thing when it would overheat in the actual game. Pretty sweet. Tanner didn't like it though. He wouldn't go near him.

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