28 Weeks

I haven't been doing very good at keeping updates with this pregnancy. I am 28 weeks along now! This pregnancy has been much different than with Tanner. I am much more uncomfortable and in a lot more pain. I am also SO much bigger this time around! At least I'm not still sick, and my morning sickness went away much much earlier than it did with Tanner.

I had my normal Dr. appointment and had the gestational diabetes test done. I failed. So I had to go back and do a 3 hour test. I had to fast for 10 hours and go in to the lab in the morning to have my blood drawn. Then drank that nasty drink to start the test. They then took more blood once and hour for 3 hours to see how my levels were. Good news is, I passed! So no gestational diabetes this time.

Other than that, baby is growing and measuring just fine. Although he is measuring a little big. Oh well! As long as he ends up getting here safely is all I care about.

Everyone is always asking me if Tanner knows there's a baby coming. I really don't see how any child this young would "get it" when I have friends with kids that are older and they still didn't realize that a baby was coming and not going away. So no, I'm sure he doesn't realize what he's in for. He will, however, point at my belly and kiss it when I ask him where the baby is and where his brother is. It's pretty cute!
I had to post this picture since it was so cute of Tanner to get in the pictures with me and was actually holding his belly like me! I didn't even know he was doing it until I looked at the pictures afterwards! (please excuse him not having pants on, we're in the middle of potty training)
Here is my comparison between Tanner and this baby, both at 28 weeks. See how much bigger I am?!? And no, I didn't wear the same shirt on purpose, but it worked out pretty cute.

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