Potty Training: Take 3. 3rd time's the charm, right?

Here we go for round 3 of potty training! We are actually almost half way through February right now and he has been doing amazing! Pretty much completely trained to wet on the big potty, but still refuses to poop on the potty at all which I know is pretty common. We'll just hope he'll be ready to sometime soon.

I started with using a sticker chart. After 5 stickers of success he would get a treat and it has worked great.

At first we put him in big boy underwear and just a shirt. He didn't seem to care if he wet his underwear though, and was only going potty when we would take him ourselves. Our patience was running pretty thin.

After a week of that I decided to just take the underwear off and let him go commando and just a shirt on. This helped so much! He didn't like to we where he was playing or sitting so started telling us when he needed to go potty. We did this for a week or so then put the underwear back on and he has still kept up the great habit! So glad it has worked and he is almost completely out of diapers accept for the pooping issue.

The only times he still wears diapers is nap time, bed time and if we are leaving the house for a long period of time. So proud of our little guy!

He's showing us Buzz Lightyear on his undies.

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