Getting My Craft On.

I have really been wanting to do a few projects before this baby gets here. 

I wanted to make a new car seat canopy. The one we already have is made of flannel, and since he is due to be here pretty soon and it's starting to warm up, I wouldn't want him to get cooked.

I also wanted to make him a rag quilt as well as a skull and cross bone blanket like I made for Tanner. 

My plan was to make a rag quilt the same size as the one Tanner has and the skull and cross bone blanket the same size and style but with the back being a dark blue or something so it's not exactly the same.

I went on a hunt for fabric for all of these projects and didn't have any luck! Finally I found some really cute fabric for the car seat canopy. I also settled for frog fabric for the baby's rag quilt (which I also wanted to do skull and cross bone but frogs were my second choice). But I cannot for the life of me find any skull and cross bone flannel out of SEVEN fabric stores I have been to. Pretty frustrating, but I decided I can just wait on it and keep my eyes open.

So here are my finished products! (all of them took me about a day or 2 to finish each. What can I say when I get a bee in my bonnet?)
I am pretty excited about this car seat canopy. The fabric is SO cute and I am so happy I found it. There are so many different types of canopies out there, like with windows, split down the middle and things like that. But I just wanted to do a simple one. I love it.
Here is a close up of the almost finished product of the frog rag quilt for the baby.
Finished frog rag quilt. Tanner just had to get in the picture. Plus you can also get a sense of how big it turned out. WAY bigger than the rag quilt Tanner has. woops.

So since the baby's quilt turned out so big I decided to also make Tanner a new one! Tanner and I went to Hobby Lobby with my sister-in-law to look for fabric for her since she is also pregnant to make something for her daughter. While we were there Tanner all the sudden yelled "TOMMY!" I looked at the fabric where we were standing and sure enough Tanner had spotted Thomas flannel! I couldn't pass it up.

I thought this picture was pretty funny. As I was working on this quilt, Tanner brought over his little Thomas figurines and set them on the table by me. It looked like they were supervising. Plus the baby belly looks pretty cute as well I guess.
Finished "Tommy blankie." It is the same size and pattern as the baby's. So at least my OCD is satisfied with these.

Oh ya! Kollin also found Iron Man fleece one day while we were grocery shopping and mentioned how cool it would be to have a blanket out of that. So I said I would make him one and helped him pick out the back color. I got that one done in one night.

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Libby said...

Cute quilts! I'm excited for little baby Chase to get there for you. You are a super star!