37 Weeks!

Well, I made it! Full term! Can he come out now please? 

I remember saying about the same thing with Tanner when I reached 37 weeks. But with him it was more of me being impatient and just wanting to meet him.

Of course I want to meet this little guy, but I also just want to be done being pregnant this time! I have been in more pain that I already had been ever since last week when he dropped. Now he is sitting so low in my pelvis that it is getting pretty hard to walk without pain.


I had another Dr appointment today, and have been seeing him every week for the past few weeks now. I am currently 1 1/2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I was the same last week and the week before was 1cm and 70%. So slowly getting there!

We talked again today about stripping my membranes since he said he would be willing to at 37 weeks. I had been going back and forth on it for the past few days on what I really wanted to do... If I wanted to do it and if it worked finally have relief from this pregnancy. Or let him cook longer. My Dr said that at 37 weeks they are pretty well cooked and he very rarely sees any issues when babies are born at this time. So I decided to go ahead and do it.

I haven't been feeling any different (but I didn't with Tanner either). I've had a teeny tiny bit of blood, which is nothing compared to the bleeding I had with Tanner after I had it done. So I'm thinking it's not going to work and I've probably got another couple weeks of this to look forward to. Oh well! At least it was worth a shot and no harm done.

Well, that's about all that is going on at the moment. Wish there was more progress, but what can ya do?

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