32 weeks

Ok, so I took this picture last night. So I am technically 32 weeks and 2 days. But who's counting? ME! Also excuse the pajama bottoms, I HAD to get my jeans off after Tanner's party! (although this picture is still much better than the belly pictures I took with Tanner, haha)

This pregnancy has been so hard on me I am so ready to get him out! I had another Dr appointment this week and the baby looks to be measuring fine although still big. He is up in my ribs and my Dr says he is pretty long and stretched out.

I have been gaining more weight than I would like. You are supposed to gain a pound a week and I have gained 5 pounds since my last appointment 3 weeks ago. But my Dr says he's not worried about it and it's probably just water weight.

I asked him when the earliest he'd be willing to strip my membranes would be since it worked with sending me into labor with Tanner. He said we could do that at 37 weeks! But it only works 50-60% of the time and usually only when the baby is pretty much ready to come anyway.  With how big this kid is, I'm hoping he'll be ready at 37 weeks! We'll see. If it does happen, that means he could be here half way through March instead of beginning of April! *fingers crossed*

He has one concern that there is higher sugar (still) and higher protein showing in my urine. He didn't go into any detail on what this could mean although I would have loved him to. Little does he know that I have done my research and I know that higher protein can me pre-eclampsia. I know he was probably just trying to not worry me, but of course I am. He said we will do another blood draw after fasting in 2 weeks at my next appointment and see where my numbers are then. I am thinking he isn't too concerned if he is going to allow me to wait 2 more weeks before looking into it further. I am trying to keep in mind that if he isn't too concerned yet that I shouldn't be either, so I'm really trying to keep it out of my mind. 

Anyway! Other than that, everything is "normal." Still feeling lots of round ligament pains, pelvic bone pains and just plain uncomfortable.

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