Tanner's 3rd Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had a bunch of friends and family over for Tanner's 3rd birthday party. How long can I keep saying I can't believe he's 3??

We had a Thomas themed party. Tanner has LOVED Thomas and anything trains for a really long time so it was an easy choice. I looked up a bunch of cute DIY ideas on Pinterest for decorations and I think it turned out really cute!
The food train was a hit and turned out so cute!

Tanner was really excited about his balloons and the big Thomas poster. The poster is actually pin the funnel on Thomas which was really cute to watch the boys play. 
We (Kollin) made train tracks out of electrical tape from the front door, up the stairs and to the Thomas game. I had originally wanted to do the tracks outside from the driveway to the front door as well. But it was raining almost all day so we nixed that idea.
Then we sang Happy Birthday and did presents. It was so cute to watch Tanner try to blow out his candle. He kept blowing upwards into his hair. He would try to get so close to the candle because it wasn't working, then would stop, put his hand on his forehead and say it was hot. It was so cute I wish I would have gotten a video of it! Eventually he was able to get his candle out after I told him to blow forward and showed him how to blow.
He got so many great presents from everyone! Lots of books, trains and car things. Of course his batter powered Thomas has been a clear favorite. Our little Heart Brother Xander gave that to him.
We now have train tracks to last us for quite a while and will be able to make even more detailed train tracks. We're pretty excited!

Thank you to everyone that came and made this day so fun and special for us and our little miracle!

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