3 Years Old

I can't believe I have a 3 year old!
Didn't you know you were supposed to stop aging a long time ago?

You are such a sweet and special little boy. I am so sad that I can't really call you a baby anymore. Just in these last 6 months since my last post you have developed so much!

A couple months ago or so you all the sudden decided you wanted to start talking! I remember saying I was worried about your speech, but also knew you would do it when you were good and ready. There is still a lot that can't be understood but there are many many things you say that anyone knows what you are saying and not just Mom and Dad. You are speaking sentences (although broken) and are getting so good at expressing yourself to let us know what you need and want. You still go off in pure baby babble sentences a lot which I think is so stinkin' cute! So happy and proud that you are finally talking more.

You are still so well behaved and you make me so happy that you stay that way in public (usually) and around other adults and kids that we play with. You are not as aggressive as many of your little friends that you play with. This is both good and not so good. You tend to get pushed around and get toys grabbed from you and you don't do anything about it. But it is also good that you are not the one doing the grabbing and pushing, although we would like for you to stand up for yourself a little more than you do. You actually have started to stand up for yourself more lately, but still very gentle and passive when the other kids are better at expressing themselves. Which is ok! It will come and I am happy that you are still my sweet boy.

Your favorite movies are Monsters University, Peter Pan, Dumbo (but only for the train scene), Robin Hood and probably some others I can't remember. As well as the ever constant Cars and Toy Stories.

You are so into trains and Thomas right now it is getting a bit ridiculous, but we are having so much fun with it! You just got a whole bunch of new trains and train tracks for Christmas and your birthday so we will be having some great adventures soon.

We have been potty training you and you have been doing SO well. You are going to start pre-school in September (eep!) so hopefully you will have it down by then, which I'm sure you will. There's plenty of time.
You are also still napping really well for us. I am crossing my fingers that you will still be willing to take naps once your little brother gets here so I can hopefully get a break and not go completely crazy. We shall see.

You are still in a size 5 shoe,  and had a little grown spurt recently so you are not wearing a 3T shirt and 24 month pants. I'm pretty sure you still fit in a 2T shirt, but we tend to like your clothes be a little longer on you. 24 month pants are really big around your little waist (as always), so you always have to have a belt. But anything smaller like 18 month pants are total high waters on you!

Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 24.6 inches

We love you and we are so so proud of you! Thank you again for being such a sweet boy and for being our sweet boy!

Mommy and Daddy

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