Chase's Blessing

  Today was a special and sweet day. We were able to bless our sweet baby Chase.
We had the blessing at Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's house.
Clark had just received an amazing job offer in Dallas, TX so we had to put this together pretty quickly before his family moved.

Months ago my dad asked me if we wanted to use his blessing outfit to bless Chase in. He had found it while cleaning out Grandma of the Great's house. I was so excited to be able to use it! After 63 years it still looks so cute!
Grandma Cannon getting Mr. Chase dressed.
He wasn't a fan of the hat, but he sure looked cute!
The blanket he is on was also a part of my father's blessing outfit.

Uncle Stan honored us with blessing Chase.
I am so happy that both of my boys will be able to have that special connection with their amazing great uncle.

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