Two Months Old

Check this big boy out!
You are already growing like a weed my son. Your Dr. said that you have gained 50% of your birth weight in the first 2 months. He said that was like if he gained 100 pounds in 2 months. So I guess you're a chub? Even though you have some rolls, there aren't many.
Your big brother is finally acknowledging that you exist! He still doesn't like it much if you accidentally touch him, but he will say your name without a negative zing to his voice. He will also tolerate you sitting or laying next to him. Just don't touch! The other day we all played Woody and Buzz together. It was pretty cute and gave me a glimpse of how you two will be buddies.
You have been smiling for the last few days and cooing for longer than that. You are always making weird little sounds that I have never heard a baby make before. Even from the very very beginning you have been making this funny little noise that sounds like a goat, almost like you are laughing although I know that's not it. Some people have said you always do it right after I laugh. I wonder if you can hear and really recognize my voice already and actually respond to my laugh? I kinda doubt it and I'm sure your little goat sound is involuntary, but it sure is cute! I hope I can get some video of it before you grow out of doing it.
You are also getting really good at holding your head up and looking around. You love to watch Tanner run around. You also do NOT like to be put down or have me or your dad out of sight. That kind of makes things a little difficult to get done, and there is more crying in this house than there needs to be. But even with that, you are such a sweet spirit and easy going baby!
You have been in 0-3 month clothing for at least the last few weeks and even some of those are looking like they're getting tight on you. You are breaking my heart with how fast you're growing! But I am also so happy that you are growing steadily and healthily.
We had your 2 month well-child visit today. Your Dr. found something that we may or may not need to worry about in the near future. He noticed that your soft spot has disappeared. This could mean that your skull plates have fused too early and will not allow your head to grow so your brain can grow. This is called Craniosynostosis. Big crazy word hu? I have known of a few other kids that have had this and had surgery and are all perfectly fine. So I am a little stressed, but I am doing well with this news. Also, your Dr. is referring us to a specialist to figure out if you really do have it or not. So I am really trying not to worry (haha, easier said than done for me. just ask your dad) until we find out for sure if surgery is needed. Your Dr. also said that your head is growing steadily so that is a good sign that you may not have this. Either way, we will do what we need to do in order to give you the best life you can have.
Other than that, you are in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference! That is great! You also got some shots today that you weren't too pleased about. But you are one tough boy, you didn't cry for long and were back to yourself pretty quickly. Now I am just waiting to see if you will come down with a fever tonight. Sorry in advance if you do!

Weight: 12.5 pounds
Height: 23 inches

Love you bunches Mr. Magoo!
xoxo Mommy and Dad

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