Tanner's Birthday Party

 This weekend we had Tanner's 4th birthday party.
We decided on a "Paw Patrol" themed party since he loves that show so much right now.
We had to pretty much make our own decorations since I couldn't find anywhere that sold any, or if they did thy were just stupid. So I had to get a little creative...
Dog bone birthday cake
Each beverage is the color of each of the pups from the show, and their picture is taped on the front of each one. We also had "pups in blankets" and dog bone shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The plates, napkins, utensils, cups and things where each a color of each pup.
The party favors. I wanted to give favors that the kids would actually like and the parents wouldn't want to chuck in the garbage as soon as they got home (like those stupid little toys that you get in party favor bags most of the time). Everyone thought they were so cute and a great idea! They also each had a card around their necks saying "Thank you for coming to my PAW-ty!"
This game I printed up for free from the Nick Jr website
The sign on the front door. I just Googled different images and put it all together. I thought it was pretty cute!
Playing Pin the Badge on Marshall
We had a couple of our friends cancel, but we still had a great turnout of family and friends come. All of the kids had a lot of fun playing this game and also just playing with Tanner's Paw Patrol toys and the presents he got.
Other Grandma and Other Grandpa (Sara's parents) are always invited to anything for the boys and they never disappoint. They always have great Harley outfits for them, and this time Other Grandpa brought his Harley trike down so Tanner could see it!
Other Grandpa finally got an updated picture with his grandkids on his bike. The last time was when Tanner was maybe 6 months old or so.
I think the party was a hit, and I hope Tanner enjoyed himself. At least it seemed like it! 

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