Tanner's Birthday

Happy Birthday Tanner!
Today we had a pretty great day.
When you woke up you came into our room like you do every morning.
Daddy took the day off so he could be here with you all day.
We got up and started celebrating right away with some presents!
You got some more Paw Patrol toys. You really love this show and we think it is pretty cute.
 While you were opening your presents, you got a phone call! It was the Paw Patrol calling to wish you a happy birthday! Each of the pups had something to say to you and you thought it was pretty cool.
It was kind of a chilly day, so we stayed home. But you got to do whatever you wanted.
Later in the evening we celebrated more with more presents, sang Happy Birthday to You and you blew out candles on a cupcake. 
Chase thought the cupcakes were pretty yummy.
 Then we went to a movie! This was the second time we attempted to take you to a movie in a theater. The first time we went to see Planes and you only lasted 30 or 40 minutes before you wanted to go wander the hallways. You were only about 2 1/2 at the time, so it was ok.
This time we went and saw Big Hero 6. You loved it and you lasted through the entire movie! Daddy and I were so proud of you. You asked to get out of your seat a couple times, but after we told you that you had to watch the movie you got sucked right back into it. There were even times that you were literally sitting on the edge of your seat paying complete attention to the movie. It was so cute.
We hope you ad a great birthday buddy! 

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