Chase's FIRST Birthday and Birthday Party

On your birthday we had a pretty lazy day. We went out to dinner and got some cupcakes to do a cupcake smash. We got some pretty cute pictures, so I had to post some.
On the day of your birthday party Tanner and I went to go pick up your balloons. He thought it was pretty cool. He was playing with them so much in the back seat of the car he accidentally popped one. It scared both of us pretty good!
We had a pretty low key party. Just family and of course Uncle Shawn and Aunt Sava (who are of course family). 
We sang Happy Birthday To You and did another cake smash. You didn't seem to like it as much this time as last time with the cupcake. 
You definitely loved the balloons though! 
We hope you had fun. It was a fun celebration!

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