21 Months Old

Well, hey there Mr. almost 2 year old!
These last few months there haven't been that many changes or milestones...
Some things that have been going on are that you are really starting to assert yourself. Most of the time it is really cute like taking our finger to show us what you need or want us to see. Others are a little tough. You can get pretty aggressive if you don't get what you want or if someone (namely Tanner or Cadence) tries to take something from you. You get this death grip and refuse to let go of something you have and are pretty good at ripping it back out of their hands. It's not very nice, but we're working on it. Don't worry, we're also working on them to not just grab things too.
You also are starting to bite and pinch. Really hard. The other day you broke my skin a few different times. No bleeding though. I think you are probably getting frustrated with your lack of words to express yourself.
Which brings me to your speech. The best way to explain it I think is that you have been "stuck" for quite some time. You haven't had any new words for a really long time. You still say "ball," "MOM" and "dat." Oh ya, and going back to your 18 month post, your words for "choo choo" sounds like "day day." So cute! You have also started to say "da" when you see Daddy as well as when I ask you where something is you will go find it, or point to it if it is in sight and say "dahhh!" As in "there!" I don't know if I'm just not noticing anything else you may be saying, or if you're just not. Grandpa Cannon actually brought this up with me and said he has noticed you aren't saying much. So what we've done is we're going to get you evaluated for speech therapy at the beginning of January and see if it is even needed, or what we need to do if anything. You certainly understand everything that anyone says to you which is a great sign. Who knows? You may just be one of those silly kids who just doesn't want to talk yet.
You LOVE to play with cars right now. You are constantly stealing Tanner's cars and trains and love to roll them along the entertainment center in front of the TV and watch them fall off or down the back. You really like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PAW Patrol and pretty much anything on Disney and Nick Jr. You are definitely more of a couch potato and get sucked into shows more than Tanner. It's pretty funny.
You and Tanner are still having tons of fun with each other. You play PAW Patrol a lot, as well as hide and seek, tag, hiding behind the curtains, making houses and tunnels out of the couch cushions and just plain rough housing. When you guys make a house, you and Tanner will find every blanket and soft toy (those are the only things I will let you take into your house) in your room and bring them into your house one by one. You just love it.
You are still wearing a size 3 diaper although we'll probably go up a size with the next box we buy. You wear a size 18 month shirt, but it seems the long sleeve shirts are getting a little short in the arms. Size 12 and some 18 month pants and size 5 shoes.
I haven't weighed or measured you this month, but on your growth chart you are taller than Tanner was at 2 years old! You always make me wonder when you are going to pass him up.
You are such a fun and happy kid!
MOM and Da

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