Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas were a lot of fun this year.
We spent Christmas Eve and Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's house. We ate dinner, got Christmas PJ's, did the manger scene, opened presents and played games!
Grandma's manger scene is very special. If I remember right, I believe it belonged to Grandma of the Great Cannon. I'll have to ask her to make sure. She has all of the figurines wrapped up and in plastic bags all in a big stocking.
As she is telling the story of Baby Jesus she has each grandkid take a turn picking a back out of the stocking, opening it up and placing it in the manger. It is pretty cute and a great way to keep everyone's attention.
 After everyone opened presents and their PJ's we had a great Nerf gun war. Each kid (and Erik) got a really cool Nerf gun and they all ran around the house shooting each other. Mostly all the kids ganged up on Uncle Erik. It was pretty funny because each time Tanner took a shot he ran back to me to help him cock the gun because he wasn't strong enough to do it himself.
After the gun fight Grandma Cannon brought out a basket of stuffed animals. She started by saying how they don't allow anyone to throw things from their balcony. All of the grandkids are constantly trying to drop or throw things from it and have broken things on occasion. But on this night they were allowed to! The stuffed animals were actually like sling shots and they had a contest who could launch theirs the furthest down the hallway. We seriously have the coolest grandparents!
On Christmas morning the boys came into the living room and they both headed right for the gifts. We knew Tanner would totally go for it, but it was great to see Chase bee line it for a light saber that he got. 
They had so much fun opening their gifts and playing with each other. They both got a whole bunch of new PAW Patrol toys, Legos, Duplos, Transformers and other things.
We had planned to go to Great Grandma and Grandpa Richens' house like we do every year, but there was a really bad snow storm and Kollin was worried about the big hill that they live on. So we didn't end up going. I was bummed, but it was also pretty nice just spending the day at home with our little family.
Later one we went to Great Grandma Norman's house who lives really close by. We got to visit with her as well as Tiff and Seatle. They are still having a really rough time with the loss of Ashton, especially on the holidays. But it was really good to see them and Maddie and that they were able to enjoy Christmas just a little bit.
Overall it was a great day and so fun!

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