Mommy's Going Back to Work

So guess what? I'm going back to work!
I've been feeling for a while that I want to feel more productive and able to help financially with our family. Kollin didn't even know when I applied for this job. I told him after I already did it.
So I got a job with USPS and I am so so excited! I am what's called a Data Conversion Operator. I will be working at a computer all night coding scanned images of mail coming in from all over the US. The location I am working at is the last one like it left in the US. We were the first one, then there were eventually 55, and now it has gone back down to 1.
The coding that I will be doing is entering zip codes, addresses, names and everything. When you see that bar code on the bottom of your mail, that comes from what I have coded. There are many different systems that handle different kinds of mail and I will eventually be learning all of them and switching back and forth depending on what is needed at the time.
I really hope it will be a good thing for our family and myself. Kollin's cousin Bekah has been working there for 8 years and loves it. So I am very confident this will be wonderful for us.
Wish me luck!

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