Tanner's Birthday and Party

Tanner's birthday was a success!
We had a pretty mellow day while Daddy was at work. We went to MooMart (WalMart) to pick out a doll that he said he wanted for his birthday and cupcakes. We found these very cute little dolls. There was pink, blue and purple and he picked the pink and blue. I also said he could get a stroller and he picked the pink stroller opposed to the purple. This kid really likes pink!
 After Daddy got home Grandma came upstairs and gave him a tub full of coloring and drawing things and a PAW Patrol puzzle. He loved them! And we gave him the 3DS that Kollin wanted to get him. He was pretty excited about it.
The following Saturday was his birthday party. He said he wanted to go bowling and only had a few friends that he wanted to be there. So that worked! One of the friends had to cancel at the last minute, so just 2 were there. It was really fun and cute to watch 3 5 year olds bowl. 

Such a cool Transformer cupcake cake that he picked out.

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