Chase's 2nd Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Chase's birthday party. Not many people were able to come because of previous engagements or just couldn't at the last minute, but those that were there were great. Plus he's 2, he's not going to remember!
We had pizza, salad and cake and ice cream. Chase loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but he was a little nervous about blowing out his candles. At first he got WAY too close he almost burned his nose. I'm sure he felt the heat from the flame, so he would try blowing from about a foot or more away. It was so cute. But we ended up having Tanner help him out since it was kind of windy and we didn't want it spoiled by wind.
Then we opened presents and he got a lot of great things. The favorite was the leaf blower that blows bubbles. All of the kids just love it!
It was fun to be able to watch the kids have fun and be able to visit with family. And it was even warm enough to have it outside which was a great bonus.

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