Soccer has Officially Started!

We have officially signed Tanner up for his first soccer team!
We went a week ago and got his uniform and did pictures with his team and coach. Then today was their first game. He did the usual "I can't get the ball!" "I'm tired." "The ball won't come to me!" lines. I honestly don't think he had much fun.
One, because it was his very fist game and still doesn't really have a clue with what is going on. And two, all of the kids on his team and the opposing team were ginormous compared to him! I know he's a tiny kid, but wow. They were so big.
After the game I saw one of his friends from school and his mom at their game and we stopped and talked to her. He is a year younger than Tanner, so he was down an age group of teams. I was looking at his team and they seemed so much more his size. The coach actually came over and talked to me and he said he would be fine if we moved him down to his team if the director over the soccer program was ok with it!
So I found the director and he said he usually doesn't like to move kids down an age group, but sine Tanner is so small he was fine with us doing it. So yay! He will now be with kids his size and more his speed since he's never played on a team before. And he even has a buddy on his team!
I think it will be so much better for him for when he gets the hang of things and we move him back up to his own age group in a year or 2.

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