2 2/1 Years Old

So big!
We've been having fun these last 6 months.
You have been doing so wonderful in therapy. There are so many new words I can't really keep track anymore! Also, you have finally started to use a little sign language. All the sudden one night at dinner you started to sign "more" and "all done." We were so excited we took videos and sent them to Becky so she could see. Everyone was so happy! We've tried to get you to use more, but you have refused. And you've also started to only use "more" for when you want your milk. Every now and then you'll use it correctly, but it mostly means "milk" to you. You still use "all done" the correct way though! We just go with it.
You have also started jumping and getting much better at going up and down stairs. Troy and CC got a trampoline and you LOVE to jump on it. I think it has really helped. You are also full blown running for your age which is adorable to watch. You love to swipe things from us and run as fast as you can to your room and throwing whatever it is onto Tanner's bed. Usually it is my phone.
Your therapist Becky recently moved away, so we hadn't had any sessions for a while and it is kind of showing. You are getting pretty frustrated with not being able to communicate and have even stopped saying some things again. We met your new therapist, Amanda, a couple weeks ago and she seems really great. Hopefully we can get back on track!
You really love to do anything you can outside. Just like Daddy was. We have had to resort to getting a security bar for the sliding glass door at the back of the house to keep you from escaping. You also love to do anything that Tanner is doing and get pretty mischievous doing it. He gets pretty frustrated with you, but he's a good big brother and lets you get in his way and play with him a lot too.
You love to watch PJ Masks and PAW Patrol on TV and Home and The Good Dinosaur are your favorite movies right now.
You are now wearing 3T shirts (which are a little big), 2T pants, size 4 diapers and 6 1/2 shoes. You also have glasses now. I honestly can't remember when you got them it seems like it's been so long. I think it was sometime shortly after you turned 2.
Weight: 26 pounds
Height: 36.2 inches
We are having so much fun with you and love having you be a great part of our family!
Love you Chaser Face!
MOM and Da

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