New Hairs!

 To start with, it was my birthday and I woke up in just a down and depressed mood.
Then after picking up Tanner from school he threw a FIT when I told him I had a nail appointment and he was going to the babysitter for a couple hours. He cried so much it made me cry as well. And of course that made him cry more.
I probably cried 2 more times before getting him to the babysitter. Little turd...
When I got to the salon for my nails the idea popped into my head to do my hair instead. Alicia was all for it and we got right to it!
I have been wanting to do this style and color for a really long time, so it definitely wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I even already had an appointment to do this later in October when Leesh could fit me in.
We had so much fun playing with my hair and she did an amazing job! I am so excited about this and hopefully will be able to get the hang of styling it after some practice.

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