Bowling night!

This last weekend, we went bowling with my best friend Reca . It was actually a surprise birthday party for her husband Mike, but I'm bad at taking pictures, and didn't actually get any of the birthday boy. Woops!
Kollin and I have never been bowling together, and little did I know, that he might as well be a pro bowler. The guy has his own ball and shoes, and knows WAY too much about bowling. He says he got it all from his dad, and that whenever he comes into town, it is a tradition to go bowling.
Ya, thanks.
Now I am that much more scared to meet him, in knowing that I will be completely embarrassed when I get my trash kicked by the entire family in bowling.
He was beating all of us so bad, he just ended up goofing around for most of the night. Which was very fun to take pictures of! Enjoy!


Callie said...

Did you just meet Kollin?!?!?! He's great at bowling, we've all been on leagues. I'm the worst in the family so next time I'm in town we'll have to all go and maybe you and me can compete, Troy and Kollin can compete. Don't be too intimidated by my dad, first time Mark met him he squirted corn in his eye (corn on the cob), then the second time he did it again! Ok, I'm done rambling on...I want to go bowling now though! Come with Troy next week and we can go then :)

Ali Bo Bali said...

I know, I know... I knew you guys all liked bowling, but I didn't know the freaking EXTENT of it! hahaha

That is good about Mark and your dad. I'll just have to be thinking of that the first time I meet him. Thanks hun, you are so cute and wonderful! :)