Getting Bigger!

Life has finally slowed down a little and we are all having a great time! I am still getting used to this whole "I'm a mom" thing, but it is so much fun I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've been used to saying "I'm Mom," "I'm his mother," or "He's my baby," only because that is how I was constantly identifying myself to the doctors and nurses at the hospitals we were at. But it still doesn't seem like it has actually hit me yet that I AM a MOM! My Aunt Carol (I've called her Carler since I was a kid) was finally able to come and meet Tanner. She is quite the busy lady (I think she's in Hong Kong right now with my sister Becky), so it was very nice to finally get her to the house to see him! She couldn't stop commenting on how darling Tanner is, how happy she is for us and that it's looking like I'm a pretty good mom so far. Whew! Love you Carler! We gave Tanner a bath the other day. His hair always poofs out when I rub it dry, and I couldn't help but get a picture of it this time! He is so tortured...
I also took him to the pediatrician this week to get his second dose of his RSV shot.
He luckily got his first dose at CHLA before he was discharged. At first they were not wanting to give it to him, but I kept on them about it until they agreed to do it. I told them since we were going back to Utah and it was crazy out here at that time, I was not about to risk taking him home to that without some kind of protection.
There are three doses all together, but I am being told he may not need the third shot... we'll see I guess.
RSV is finally dying down here in Utah, but I am still wanting to get him vaccinated for it since he is just a wee bit more fragile than the average newborn.
While we were at the pediatrician's office for his shot they also weighed him. He gained an entire pound since the last time I took him in (about 2 weeks ago)! He is now weighing 7 lbs 14 oz.
When I am holding, feeding, burping or just looking at him, he already seems so big! At least bigger than I'm wanting him to be... I want him to stay tiny! But then when I see Kollin holding him, he still looks itty bitty.
Also, my dad came over the other day and held him for a bit, and he seemed even smaller in my dad's arms! I think he just needs to come over more often to remind me that Tanner is still small... hee hee
But then I saw this picture that Kollin took of us... He had fallen asleep on my shoulder after burping him. I was leaning back far enough on the couch that I didn't need to hold him, and he could just snuggle right into me. (awwww)
Yup! He's still pretty small!

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