Old Family Videos

I have been watching my old family videos for the past couple days, since our cable box is being stupid. It is so much fun to watch these! It has motivated me to remember to take more videos of Tanner so we can hopefully have as many of our little family as I do of my family that is now all grown up.

Some fun pictures that have been taken recently:

My Uncle Stan (who we named Tanner after) gave him this Mickey Mouse at the hospital when he came and visited when he was born. Mickey was getting jealous of everyone else holding Tanner, so I gave him a turn.
Great Grandma Norman (top)and Great Great (grand?) Aunt Nikki (bottom)came and visited us. They were finally able to meet the little guy and hold him.
We went to family dinner at my dad's, and I was able to get some better pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Cannon holding Tanner. So precious!
Lately when we burp him, he throws a fit and arches his back so far it seems like he is trying to do a back flip off of our shoulders.
He actually fell asleep on Dad's shoulder while burping him, so I had to get the proof! And it was just dang cute.
He was making some pretty cute faces earlier today, so I had to snap some shots of this as well. Such a cutie!
And last but not least, here is some video I took of him today after my family videos motivated me.

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