2 Months Old!

2 months old already? Wow.
Tanner is such a sweet baby. He is still extremely content and hardly fusses. Except when he's hungry or needs a new diaper. Other than that, he is pretty happy to just look around or sit and study your face.
He has actually started to sleep for about 6 or 7 hours a night recently. I'm hoping it will remain a habit! My dad told me I started sleeping through the night at 2 months, so I'm hoping he takes after his mama!
He is kind of figuring out where his hands are. I am watching him trying to suck on his fist right now, and sometimes tries to grab his bottle or bink.
He is also getting really good at holding his head up, smiling and I could have sworn I watched him try to give me a little giggle earlier today.
He is getting better at sleeping alone. Although his bassinett is right next to my side of the bed. But still! He is not demanding to only sleep if I am somehow touching him so he knows I am there.
He finally likes his swing too! Before he hated it and didn't want to ever be left in it. Now we can stick him in it, and he will be content for hours.
Still loving every minute!
Weight: 8lbs 14oz
Length: 21 inches
Love you Tanner Bug!


Jill said...
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griggsy said...

He is getting big!! Love the sign ;) I would make them when I would have my belly pictures taken every month. It's so easy to organize them when they get printed!