Stop it!

The only fun things about switching out Tanner's newborn wardrobe for his 0-3 month is all of the new outfits he has now, and that everything is big on him again. The bad things... He's getting bigger It's hard to believe that once fit inside my belly It's starting to get a little hard to lift him in his car seat. (I know, I'm a weakling, and I don't know how you do it Libby!!) I took him to the Dr. earlier this week because of some yeast he has in his mouth and needed to get a prescription for it. They weighed him and he is now weighing 10lbs 3oz! That's almost 4lbs over his birth weight, and even more from when he was in the hospitals before and after his surgery since they wouldn't let him eat. I know that's not huge in any way, and is probably still small for almost being 3 months old. But still! Where's my teeny tiny baby going? I also know that this is way too early to be complaining about him growing. I can't even imagine how I'm going to be feeling in a few more months when he'll be getting even bigger! Stop it. Stop it now!

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