In case you were wondering, he's still cute.

So I am sitting on my couch holding Tanner while he sleeps, me, not sleeping and watching TV, when all the sudden I feel very warm. Great.

Yup. He peed through his diaper, right onto me.(still sound asleep by the way) At least it didn't get on the couch! I am just happy that after trying three different brands of diapers, this doesn't happen very often anymore.

I figured that since I now had to get up and change his clothes, his bum, and my clothes, he is going to wake up and be hungry so start a bottle while I'm at it. I got the bottle in the bottle warmer and ALMOST had him completely changed before he woke up. And he was mad. So I hurried and finished him up.

I noticed that he hasn't worn this little outfit yet, and it is really REALLY cute on him! I think it is the hood. So I had to snap a quick picture between cries.
I then ran into my room. Placed the now screaming Tanner on the bed right on one of Kollin's legs... since he was sleeping diagonally and I couldn't tell where his limbs were. Told Kollin not to move. Grabbed some clothes. Apologized for waking Kollin up. Picked up the crying Tanner and got out of there so Kollin could hopefully fall asleep again quickly. (that guy is able to fall asleep in less than 5 seconds. I'm not even kidding, and very very jealous)

Everything is now well in the world again. Tanner has eaten and is back asleep. Since he has been starting to sleep for longer periods of time at night, we will see when he decides to wake up again.

I am so happy that I am his mom and that he is just the cutest thing in the world!

"There is only one beautiful baby in the world, and every mother has it." ~Confucius


neeroc said...

You're right, he's adorable!

Kelley Bamboo said...

He IS cute, no doubt about it!
Have you thought about cloth? We haven't found a brand of disposables that Vash doesn't leak out of, but haven't had any problems with since we went to cloth full time :) plus there are some insanely cute diapers out there!