Just the Beginning of Pictures

We went grocery shopping last night, which was much needed after being in California for the past 2 weeks. I wanted to find one of those "My first St. Patrick's Day" onesies, but there weren't any small enough for him. So I found this onesie instead and had to get it! It was a preemie size (they didn't have anymore newborn), but it is still big on him. hee hee He sure looked cute for his doctor appointment today! We went in to follow up on his weight to make sure he is gaining. He has gained 4oz since his last appointment a few days ago! Yay! He is almost a month old, and finally back up to his birth weight. Whew! Of course, he zonked out during the car ride home... he is still looking just like this at the moment, so I am stealing the moment to update the blog. :) This is a little off subject, but this was me when I was 10 days old. I think he looked a lot like this when he was first born, but has changed so much already. I still think I have a Mini-me though!

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