High time for a high chair

We finally caved. I tried to go as long as possible without having to get a high chair.

Tanner was doing just great in his Bumbo, and we all loved it. Last week, however, he figured out how to scoot the Bumbo around with his feet. I am always very close and watching over him whenever he is in it, but this made me a little worried. Also for the fact that I usually only use the Bumbo now for feeding and haircuts, it makes it kind of difficult to keep him interested and holding still if he is able to move the dang thing around.

Enter the high chair.

When I was pregnant, I always wanted an Eddie Bauer high chair, and dark wood so it would match the rest of the furniture in our kitchen. Kollin wasn't a fan, because he said it is hard to clean off the wood and those plastic and metal ones are much better... blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong. Those other high chairs are great! But after looking at about a billion different ones, none of them jumped out at me like the Eddie Bauer one did.

I have also been debating between the other kind that either strap to a chair or clip onto a table. Those kinds are a great space saver, and you can also take them to different places like on vacation or a friend's or family member's' house for meals.

So Kollin being the wonderful soon to be husband that he is, went and got it for Tanner (me). Yay!

I love it! And so far, so does Tanner.

He is so happy to be able to be on the same level as everyone else and up where he can see. He could see pretty well in the Bumbo, since it was on the kitchen table (again, someone was always nearby watching him) but it wasn't the same since he would concentrate more on trying to move it, than look around.
I am thinking the true test is going to be when I am doing someone's nails. Usually, he is in his bouncy chair or his walker. He doesn't last long without crying in either. I am hoping it is because he is still down on the ground and not on the same level as my client and me. Now that he is going to be up higher, I am crossing my fingers he will have a better time since he is not getting 100% of my attention.

This one is going to be for the house. We are also eventually going to get the other kind of high chair. We are leaning more towards the kind that straps to a chair. I asked on Facebook and pretty much everyone said this was the! best! kind! It will be for when we are going somewhere and will need one.

Right now my parents have their own high chair for grand kids. But since they have one high chair, and 5 (so far) grand kids, I am sure it will be a big help if we bring our own once there are too many grand kids at the house at the same time that will need to be in one.

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Libby said...

It's good to see that he needs it. I hate cleaning our high chair. Wayne constantly makes it a disaster, so good luck!