Mish Mash

Sorry for the SPAM in posts, but I'm playing catch up!

Playing around during his bath. I can't get enough of this kid.
 Fell asleep at the wheel.
 Laundry day!

 Finger puppets that I made. Birthday present for cousin Cole's 1st.
 Grandma Cannon hanging out with the birthday boy and Tanner.
 Mmmmm... CAKE!
 Grandpa Cannon keeping Tanner warm.
 I'm so worried he is going to grow out of this before the weather is cold enough. So I stuck him in it and took pictures!
 This was a baby shower gift from my wonderful nanny Marsha!

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Laurie Cannon said...

Ali- I am just checking blogs and I have to tell you that it is so amazing to see Tanner looking so cute and so grown up.
what fun to see these pictures. I can tell how much you love him!! What a lucky little boy to have such caring parents. What a special time of life this is for you -It really is an amazing adventure watching these little ones grow - what a darling mom you are!
Love you!
Aunt Laurie