8 Months Old

I think that Mickey doll is officially smaller than him now.

I remember when it was bigger!

I do not like this nasty trick of time. But it is SO much fun watching him learn new things all the time!

This last month he finally got to meet his big brother Jaedyn. Tanner was pretty curious, but Jaedyn didn't want much to do with him. I am wondering if that is normal for a 3 year old, or if he just didn't believe us that Tanner was his little brother since Jaedyn already has a little brother at home. hmmm...

He has also been getting more and more mobile. It. is. CRAZY. Although he is not quite crawling yet, it is going to be happening soon!

He finally got a high chair. It was time. And so much easier!

And the newest thing is that he has learned how to give fives and pound it. It is the cutest thing to see it clicking in his head of what to do and seeing that we actually imparted wisdom (however little amount of wisdom) and see physical proof of it!

I am having the best time of my life just watching you grow.
Weight: 16 lbs 7.8 oz
Length: 27 inches
Love you lots n lots n lots!

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