An agfhan for my Tanner.

Back when I was pregnant, I started this project. I gave up and never finished it. I ended up figuring out that I was using the wrong hook (those things have too many labels on them and I thought I was using the right one), and also the wrong stitch since it had been so long since I had tried to crochet anything. I am blaming this all on pregnancy brain just so I don't look like the total idiot that I am! oh... wait... crap.

Recently, I decided I would give it another try. I unravelled the old squares and reused the yarn. I also got creative and made some of them skulls and not just all stars. LOVE!

 Today I FINALLY finished it! I think it turned out pretty darn good for my first one.
 I even got a little more creative and did a little "I love you" note in one of the squares. awww
 And just so this post is not all about this afghan, here is a hilarious picture I caught of Tanner the other day. We laugh anytime we look at it. He is such a little silly head!

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