21 Months Old

Our little guy is almost 2!

We've had some fun little adventures these last few months.
He is now sleeping in a toddler bed. That is so sad! We weren't planning on putting him in one until another baby came along and needed the crib. At least if that happened around 2.5 years old. But he has turned into a monkey and climbs just about anything he can. Especially the bars of his crib, so we put that to an end quickly.
He finally graduated from a rear facing infant seat to a big boy toddler front facing car seat. It seems like he's liking it so far. It hasn't made much of a difference with him being ornery in the car but at least it is easier to hand him things and point things out to him through the windows.
He is getting pretty good at throwing little temper tantrums. I thought I had a few more months until we hit the terrible two's? They're really not that bad though. He's still pretty mellow and I've seen way worse in other kids before. (this is NOT a challenge though dude)
He is saying more words, but still mostly babble. His favorite word right now is "no."
He is now wearing size 5 shoes, 12 month shirts and 9-12 month pants.

We love you Silly Face!

Mommy and Daddy

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