The Toddler Bed

Tanner has been climbing onto our bed and the couch for a very long time, but hasn't really tried anything else. 

That is until 2 days ago. 

I had my best friend over to do her nails. We were both agreeing how well Tanner was behaving since Kollin hadn't gotten home from work yet to help me with him. We both thought it was pretty funny that as soon as Kollin walked through the door is when Tanner turned into Mr. Hands and started getting into anything he could.

I glanced up at one point and saw that Tanner was on top of the coffee table! I asked Kollin if he for some reason put him up there since he was standing right by him. But he said Tanner just climbed up there by himself. NO WAY!

He then realized this new trick was pretty cool and he kept climbing on and off the thing for the next 10 minutes or so.

Later that same day Kollin and I were getting ready to head out somewhere. I was doing my hair in the bathroom and I looked over and Tanner was standing on the toilet (good thing we have a habit of keeping the lid down or he would have been all wet)! 

Kollin and I just looked at each other and mentioned that we're in trouble.

And then I found this when I went in to get him up from his nap today:
I texted the picture to Kollin with the message "ahhh crap...." He got back to me and agreed that "ahhh crap" is right!

We decided that since he is trying to climb out of his crib, it is time for a toddler bed. That way at least he wouldn't have as long as a drop if he fell.

We checked out a few different stores online and found this little beauty at Kids R Us.
It is so tiny and cute! We put my body pillow on the floor next to it in case he does roll out, and you can see that my pillow is almost as long as the bed. I guess we're just not used to teeny tiny furniture yet. 

We are planning to paint it the same color as the crib so they will match in case Tanner is still using this whenever another baby comes along.

Kollin didn't finish getting it put together until almost 10pm, so Tanner was already wired from still being awake so late.

I tried to keep our normal nap and bedtime routine: change diaper, get his dog and a bottle of water, snuggle him on the couch while watching some TV for about 5 or 10 minutes to let him relax and then take him to his room, put him in his crib, say "I love you," walk out and close the door.

He has done so well with his routine for so long, I can really only remember one bad night semi recently when we tried not letting him go to bed with a bottle. He cried for about an hour. I'm a wimp so the bottle is back, but it is now only water, no longer milk like it used to be and half the size that it was. So at least we're still making progress. Other that that? Perfect.

Until tonight. 

I put him down in bed, said "I love you," and left like I always have. Probably a few minutes later he started crying. 

I felt so bad to just let him cry (I told you I'm a wimp, right?) when he was probably a little freaked out at the new bed. So I went back in there, lied next to his bed and rubbed his back to try to see if he'd fall asleep. 

Of course not.

With Mommy in there, it was time to play!

So after about 20 minutes of trying to get him to calm down I realized I had to just suck it up and let him cry.

He cried for probably 30-40 minutes then went silent.

I waited another 30 minutes to make sure he was asleep before I went in there to check on him.
I could hear his little hic-uppy breathing from crying before I even got in his room and my heart broke. But I went in there and saw that he found his way back onto the bed and that is where he stayed. Yay!
We shall see what the next few nights hold while we all get used to this new piece of furniture.

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