Cousin Pictures 2012

It's that time of year again! When we get to get all five of these boys together and try to produce a decent picture! Britta took pictures of these cuties and I cannot wait to see the finished product!

These pictures are just the lame ones that Kollin and I took with my point and shoot and phone.

I can't believe they actually held still in a decent pose for longer than 2 seconds.
We tried for pictures on the stairs at first and they were super cute! Cept for when Tanner tried to step down by himself. Then we decided they were just a wee bit dangerous and moved to the grass.
 And of course we had to have wagon rides.
 This is my new most favorite picture in the whole wide world! Great shot Kollin!
 Ohhhh! These kids are just too cute.
 Taking a break to let out some wiggles.
 Mommies and the babies. In just a few months all of these pictures are going to be out of date. Since both Megan and Libby are pregnant!

Tanner had so much fun with Great Aunt Carler watching "vroom vrooms" (anything with wheels and a motor) went up and down the street.

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