Cannon cousin pictures

The weekend we got home from Lake Powell, it was figured out that all of the cousins would be in town for about 20 hours. So we all got together to get our little basketball team pictures!

All of the grandkids so far are boys, and there are five. So Gwen got matching little basketball jerseys. How cute!
I think it's been decided that Tanner is going to be the forward, and Wayne is Shaq the center.
 Slam dunk!
 Oooo... BIG ball!
 Libby and Bippy hanging out with Andrew and Wayne.
 Grandma Cannon with Cole.
 Daddy with Tanner.
 Some of the sisters and kids taking a break.
 It was next to impossible to get Wayne to hold still. Such an active kid!
 Something else next to impossible? Posing 5 little boys ages 3 and under....
 The only one that sat still and behaved perfectly was little Cole. Such a sweetie!
 We tried a change of scenery to try to get a good shot.

 And a change in pose.
 Food break!
 Aunt Bippy got clobbered with nephews!
 Another change of scenery....
 We finally gave up and played in the fountain.

I am just hoping that Britta got a good shot! I am sure she did and the finished product will look absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see!

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