5 Months Old

5 months old today!
There are so many little milestones that have happened this past month. I am starting to wonder where my little baby went, and who this little boy is. People have told me he looks like a miniature 6 year old instead of a teeny babe.
I'm sure it's the hair.
He was starting to get kind of clingy the past few months, but this last month is an entire different ball game. He doesn't like to be put down. He doesn't like Mom or Dad to leave the room. He just doesn't like to be alone. Period.
He has kind of started to hold his own bottle. While we are feeding him, he'll put his hands on the bottle. If they are positioned just right, we can let go of the bottle and he will be feeding himself!
Also, while I am either bottle feeding or nursing him, he likes to look up at me, stick his hand up and place it on my nose, lips or cheek. It's way cute. Not sure if he has done this with Kollin while he's feeding him or not, but it just melts me when he does it to me.
He also got a Bumbo Chair this last month. One of my friends gave it to me for free since her boys don't use it anymore. It was so nice of her, since those things are not cheap! Tanner does pretty well in it so far. He'll sit up and play with his little toys for a while, but then he'll get bored or tired of sitting up and start to fuss til I let him out.
He loves to stand. I will either hold him up while he stands on my belly while I am reclined back or laying down, or he will stand on my feet with his chest leaning on my shins. I haven't gotten any pictures of this yet, but I need to!
He has also been rolling over from his back to his tummy this last month. Sometimes he'll get stuck on his side because he can't figure out how to get his arms out from under him. Also, when he does get all the way to his tummy, one arm will be pinned under him. If it wasn't for that arm, he might be scooting around already, since he kicks his legs as if he was already crawling!
The last thing I can think of that he is doing now is full on laughing. It is so much fun to get him going either by the "where's Tanner" game we play, or tickling his knees, bum, hips and neck. I was also able to get him to do it earlier today in the car by just making funny faces and sounds.
I love you so much Silly Faces!

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