Lake Powell day 1

So last week we went to Lake Powell. So much fun! I haven't been for 11 years or so, and Kollin had never been. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Lots of R&R. And of course water skiing. I am posting the trip in a few different posts because there are way too many pictures to try to upload in one post. And I'm just that lazy.... We traded Kollin's truck for his brother's since it gets much better gas mileage. The only issue was trying to find a comfortable way to sleep in the back seat with the car seat boxing me in. We caravanned with Scott and Britta and made a pit stop at Hollow Mountain in Hanksville. Such cute babies!
We got to Bullfrog and my dad and Uncle Ken picked us up in the speed boat to take us to the houseboat.
Tanner wasn't exactly excited about the life jacket.
But he had some fun times with Aunt Bippy once we reached the houseboat!
And also tried to suck cousin Ben's fingers off.
So much fun in the pack-n-play!
With all 4 boys on board, there were 4 pack-n-plays and 2 tents set up on the roof of the boat. It was like a little city up there.

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