Baby's first trip to the Zoo.

Before I was a mom (that is still weird for me to say by the way), I always thought it was kinda dumb for parents to take their babies to places like the park... ball games... Lake Powell... the zoo... 
Only because what is a tiny baby going to do? Are they even going to know where they are? What is the purpose of taking a baby there? They're not going to remember!

Then I became a mom. I get it. It is not what the baby will be experiencing, it is what the parents will.

Today was Tanner's first trip to Hogle Zoo.
As you can see, he got more entertainment chewing on the zoo's map, then anything else.
What came first? The mommy or the egg? 
 Always have to get a picture with the lion drinking fountain.
 With cousins Andrew and Julie. Notice Kollin's hand holding Tanner? haha!
 Love my boys.

 We are still wondering if he even noticed the animals or not.

 Probably didn't notice these ones... since his hat most likely blocked them.
 It was crazy how close this Rhino got. It scared Julie. Tanner, of course, was not phased.
Maybe the next time we go he'll notice more?

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