Lake Powell day 5

This was our last full day. Great day for more relaxation. Bippy, Libby and Russell out on the jet ski.
Coming back from water skiing. Kollin was able to get up!
Tanner and Wayne playing.
Tanner apparently thought Wayne was hilarious.

Grandma Cannon wanted a picture of all the cousins. We have our own little basketball team so far! Too bad we missed Andrew in the picture.
My happy boy in his pack-n-play.
I wanted to finally get Tanner in the lake. I got him in his swimming diaper and swim suit.
See how the swimming diaper is a little big? haha!
Our little family floating around in the water. Tanner did much better than expected. He stopped crying after the initial shock of the cold water and did just great for about 15 minutes. Then I think it was more the life jacket and not the cold that was getting to him.
Warming back up!
I guess Tanner was pooped since he fell asleep in Grandma Cannon's lap... holding onto his feet.

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