Lake Powell day 4 AND Kollin's Birthday!

It was great to be able to celebrate Kollin's birthday in Lake Powell! For breakfast, my family even gave him a pancake with candles in it and sang Happy Birthday to him. Unfortunately I missed it. I was in the other room pumping milk for Tanner. pfft He got a great nap with his kiddo though. A bunch of us went out on the floaties and soaked up some sun. Keeping Tanner cool on my damp towel.Tanner posing with the birthday boy. I tried to put Tanner down for a nap, but he just wanted to play. It was way too cute to say "no," and not take pictures.Libby, Russell and cousin Wayne finally made it! Wayne's diaper got a little swollen with water.... Aunt Libby with Tanner and Wayne. All the boys on the boat. All of us did a pirate themed murder mystery!
Top row: me (Alice Tremain), Kollin (Qtertus Swelter), Grandma Richens (Tokeleth), Grandpa Richens (Sir Percival Stanforth), Britta (Tom), Scott (Sawbones McGraw), Bippy (Blaise Richelieu), Libby (Elizabeth Stanforth), Dad (Hayapitl), Gwen (Captain 'Saucy' Nancy Martin)
Bottom row: Dillon (Captain 'Black' Jack McCracken), Uncle Ken (Don Inigo de Velez y Contrera), Caden (Bill Pistol), Russ (Captain Hal Overy)The crew of The Scurvy Knave. The crew of The Fury. Taino Natives.Saucy Nancy. The Three Stooges... Bill, Blaise and Captain Black Jack. Tanner eating his telescope.

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