Lake Powell day 2

The first night's sleep wasn't too bad. We went to bed pretty early which was so nice. However, the 5:30am wake up call wasn't so nice. Just kidding. Everyone was very quiet as they got up and left. I didn't even notice they had gone until they were already back a couple hours later! Gwen's family is crazy. They go water skiing at 5:30am every day in Powell. I can see why though. It is the best time since the water is like glass. Hanging out with Aunt Julie. Getting some breakfast from Aunt Bippy.Fixing some parts to the boat. Scott and Ben fell asleep in the dingy. Britta and I just had to snap some pictures and take some video.Ben had woken up and was trying to row by himself. He wasn't making any progress (he's 3). Then Dad (Scott) woke up and saved them.

And last but not least... Tanner started on solids! We started him with smooshed banana and rice cereal.

He seems to like the rice cereal better than the banana at the moment.

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