New House {before... sorta}

I wanted to document the before and after of the new place we will be living at as it is getting fixed up. I forgot to take pictures of the very beginning before some things were already done, so we'll just start from here.

Here is Tanner's bedroom. His closet is bigger than the one he currently has and the room itself may be a little bigger.
 Tanner's room from the doorway. There is a long window along the wall on the right. See how bright that purple turned out? Oops!
 This is our room. It is just about the exact same size as Tanner's which will be a huge downgrade from where we are now. But we'll make it work.
Our closet is much smaller than what we have now. There will be closet organizers put in so hopefully we'll be able to make use of every inch in there.
The bathroom. That tub is the ugliest color green. (ok, maybe I've seen worse on home improvement shows, but still. It's pretty bad) From what I understand it is being recovered and will be a pretty white.
The flooring has already been replaced from old ugly tiles to these prettier ones.
This is standing in the tub looking out the door down the hallway to our doorway into the house. The mirror, counter top and cupboard doors are all new. We are also thinking of installing a medicine cabinet in that wall right by the door.
This is standing at the main door to the house looking down the hallway to the bathroom. The door on the right is Tanner's bedroom and our door is just past it.
Another picture of the hallway to the door. This is standing at the bathroom doorway.
Standing at Tanner's bedroom door looking down the hallway to the living room and kitchen area. The door on the right is the door that leads upstairs to Kathy's section of the house.
 Storage under the stairs. You can crawl under there and it curves around to the right as well.
Looking at the kitchen from the living room. The hardwood floor is new and we have also taken a wall out just to the right where the cabinets end to make the kitchen bigger. The stove is going to go where you can see the metal wall, then a pantry and then the fridge on the far right.
Standing at the far right side of the kitchen. All the way at the end is where the washer and dryer hookups are. It needs to be a stackable unit. On the left is where the furnace and water heater is.
Looking into the living room from the kitchen. It seems small, but it is bigger than the room we use as our living room currently. So it will actually be nice to stretch out. That long window is just like the windows in both bedrooms, so we get lots of light.
Looking down the hallway from the living room to the bedrooms. The door right behind Kathy is Tanner's room.
Out front. It's a pretty yard and garden. They have also repainted the front door to a beautiful dark red.
I forgot to take pictures of the backyard, but it is a great size. There is a big deck that goes off the back of the house that they have already sand blasted and restained. Troy is also going to build a railing around it to keep little ones safe. 

The yard has gotten brand new grass and wood chips for the garden.

There is also a 3 car garage back there. We are thinking we'll only be able to fit one car in there with how much is going to be stored that all of us won't be able to fit in the house as well as Troy's stuff that Kathy is storing for him. Who knows, maybe 2 cars will fit?

I've heard there's been more work since I have taken these pictures. We picked out new counter tops, sink and faucet for the kitchen and I hear that's all installed. Can't wait to see it again!

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