Halloween Party at Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's

  Grandma and Grandpa Cannon threw a fund Halloween party for the cousins the other night.

Grandma Cannon always has the coolest activities for these rambunctious boys!
They did a treasure hunt through the house that ended with a treasure chest with many prizes, carved pumpkins, had pumpkin pizza, decorated pumpkin shaped cookies and played shadow games.

All of the boys had so much fun I'm sure they all had a good night's sleep (at least Tanner and Chase did).
Cookie decorating. Tanner loves Ben and Cole so much! He loves following them around and looks up to them. They are both so sweet to him.
Case in point that Chase is quite the mama's boy right now. I felt so bad that he would constantly cry when my dad would try to hold him. He even tried to distract him with so many things but nothing worked.
The shadow games were really fun! Grandma had some ghost and bat shapes that they flew around in front of a flashlight. And then they each got a flashlight and every light in the house was turned out. They were running around having a grand time. 
Scott and Britta went out for Britta's birthday and they came home while this was going on. They thought everyone might have left since it was pitch black in the house. Until they heard the yells and screams of little boys running around with flashlights.

Pumpkin #6!
Tanner's pumpkin that he (I) carved. He got tired with trying to hammer those dots it because it was really pretty tough to do. So I took over and made a cute face. I've never seen these before and it's like Light Bright pumpkins!

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